"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

- Leonardo da Vinci -

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Tiny Houses by Tiny Living

There are many different types of tiny houses. We at tinyLiving are breaking new ground.

Every human is unique. Therefore, our houses are unique and none is like the other. All tinyLiving houses are perfectly thought out- down to the last detail and tailored to your own needs.
We offer nothing off the shelf. Our passions are extraordinary materials, high-quality workmanship and handcrafted details. Those are combined with an exclusive design. The result are tiny houses that not only meet the highest demands in terms of functionality but also in terms of appearance.

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New ways of life need new ideas. Your idea is out of the ordinary? We are open minded, innovative and courageously break new ground with you. For us, innovation is the driving force for novel approaches. Our creative masterminds are constantly developing new models for your very own tiny house.


Our focus is on design and functionality. Thanks to decades of experience in professional carpentry, our tiny houses are not only true space savers, they also meet highest design standards regarding interior design. For your new dream house on wheels, we only use first-class, strongly resistant materials and thus guarantee durability along with a permanently pleasant, comfortable living environment.


There is only one earth. That is why sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. From planning to manufacturing technology, we constantly make responsible decisions. For the interior we only use high-quality, long-lasting materials. Especially wood, as a renewable, natural raw material, which is also extremely beneficial for the climate inside your tiny house.


Every successful project is preceded by detailed & careful planning. With modern measurement technologies and CAD software, we create particular, hyper accurate working drawings and detail plans. However, the most important thing for a successful cooperation is to listen to your ideas before getting started! We know that every tiny house is unique and we see the people behind the project. We also place great value on trust and respect within our team. That’s what our customers get to feel too.

Many years of experience meet the spirit of discovery

The team of experts at tinyLiving

In 2018 we had a dream: Building tiny houses with high quality and design standards for Germany and Europe. A team of planners, visionaries and craftsmen got down to work right away. The tiny houses ought to be different from what had already been on the market. Exceptional quality - without compromising on design and functionality. The tinyLiving idea was born.

Craftsmanship, care and enthusiasm for modern design.

A timeline

  • Fall 2018 planning and vision
  • Jan 2019 Foundation of tinyLiving Inc.
  • Spring 2019 The first drafts are created
  • Fall 2019 Construction of the first tiny house begins 

About us

The tinyLiving team

Endless possibilites

5 good reasons for a tiny house

  • Sustainability.
    A small house uses fewer resources. A tiny house even less. tinyLiving also means: Living in connection with nature.
  • Less is more.
    Less space and less possessions mean: less caring, cleaning, tidying up ... and more time for yourself and the beautiful things in life.
  • Community.
    A tiny house brings the people in your life together. It is an experience for more precious time with others and a reflection on the essentials.
  • Flexibility.
    Your life is changing? Do you have a new job? Your tiny house is always by your side. Wherever life takes you.
  • Live dreams.
    A tiny house offers unlimited possibilities. A weekend house in the countryside? A creative hobby room? A hair salon on wheels? Your own mobile coffeshop? Everything is possible in this small space saver.


Frequenty Asked Questions

What tiny house sizes are available?

At tinyLiving you can choose a length of 5.40 / 6.00 / 6.60 or 7.20 meters  (17’ 8” / 19’ 8” / 21’8” / 23’7”) for your tiny house. Due to the traffic regulations in Germany, the width of the tinyhouse is limited to 2.55 meters (8’ 4”) and its height to 4.00m (13’ 1”). This results in a respective floor space of approx. 11.3 / 13 / 14.3 or 16 m² (121 / 139 / 153 / 172 sq ft) plus the possible sleeping loft of 6qm² (64 sq ft).
Can I live in my tiny house during winter?

Can I live in my tiny house during winter?

Of course you can live in our tiny houses in winter. Adequate heating and insulation are provided.

How can I insure my tiny house?

The insurance agency Vivema www.vivema.de offers insurance protection especially for tiny houses in Germany. This includes both household items and permanently installed things on the property, such as porches, decks or tool sheds.

Can I buy my Tiny House from abroad?

We at tinyLiving sell our tiny houses worldwide.

How can I finance my tiny house?

Since tiny houses are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, there are now some banks that make financing possible. For example the Ethik Bank: www.ethikbank.de/privatkunden/tiny-house-kredite

Which plot is suitable for a tiny house?

Basically just like having a stationary house, there is the possibility of purchasing a property. However, it is not easy to find smaller plots that are also suitable for permanent living. For this reason you could for example purchase a bigger property that is large enough to lease a part of it to someone else.

You can set up your Tiny House at a suitable campsite or Tiny House village without a building permit. Going from there you could start searching for an adequate leasehold property for example.

Can you use a tiny house as a primary residence?

In Germany this is only possible under certain circumstances. Further information on this topic is available online. For example here: https://www.tinyhouseforum.de/ 
Unfortunately, we can’t offer intensive advice for legal reasons.

Which driver’s license do I need to transport a tiny house?

The Tiny House weighs a maximum of 3.5 t. (3US t 1716 lb). Therefore a BE driving license (or higher) is needed (BE: combination of a towing vehicle of class B and a trailer) in Germany.

Which towing vehicle do I need for a tiny house?

The towing vehicle must have a towing load of 3.5 t (3US t 1716 lb). The types Jeep Grand Cherokee Nissan Patrol, Mercedes ML, Range Rover Discovery / Defender, Toyota LandCruiser 100 or VW Touareg are possible options for example.